Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Monroe, GA

When you or a loved one has been accused of a crime of any type, it can be a very frightening and stressful situation. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, the consequences can still be severe and have a very serious, negative impact on your life. The local, state and federal criminal justice system is quite complicated and requires the expertise and training of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Monroe, GA such as ours at Hanks, Ballard & Barth in Monroe, GA.

In the case of a drunk driving offense (DUI), you must hire an attorney practicing law that deals with a criminal offense related to DUI/DWI laws. DUI lawyers, such as those at our law office in Monroe, GA, are trained and educated to handle criminal defense cases. We work diligently to defend our clients’ rights and freedom. Contact Hanks, Ballard & Barth for a free consultation to discuss your DUI/DWI case with experienced criminal defense attorneys who are here to work toward the best possible outcome for your drunk driving case.

What Is a Monroe Criminal Defense Attorney?

DUI lawyers, and criminal defense attorneys in general, have the education, training, and experience to fight for the rights of those accused of crimes and represent them in criminal court. Like ours at Hanks, Ballard & Barth, a licensed attorney in Monroe, GA, will provide their clients with excellent legal advice and fight diligently to prevent a DUI conviction.

You and your lawyer will develop a solid attorney-client relationship from the first free consultation with your criminal defense attorney through the entire trial. You should feel comfortable being completely honest with your lawyer. It is in your best interest to be frank and open with a criminal defense attorney. The job of a lawyer who has practiced criminal law is to work for their client’s best interests and get the best possible outcome for the case.

Why Should You Hire a Criminal Law Expert?

Those charged with a crime, especially DUI/DWI, need to consult with and be represented by an experienced DUI lawyer. Although it is possible to describe yourself, this decision is quite often unwise. With a professional DUI lawyer, you can rest assured that your case will be handled effectively. Some of the most important benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer include:

  • Having representation in court with legal counsel who is skilled and trained in the legal system and drunk driving laws
  • DUI attorneys may be able to get your driving privileges reinstated or your driver’s license removed from suspension
  • You may be able to avoid lengthy jail time from a DUI conviction with the legal advice and representation of a DUI lawyer. Community service may be an option.
  • Depending on the circumstances, a DUI charge may cause serious consequences in your life. With a DUI/DWI attorney, you may be able to avoid these legal issues.
  • DUI attorneys have the experience needed to navigate the legal process effectively. They also often have a professional relationship with the prosecution. They may be able to get you a deal or plea bargain for your criminal case.
  • Based on their examination of your case and all the evidence of your DUI charge, your attorney may be able to develop a strategy that results in a dismissal.
  • Monroe DUI attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of the legal system and are ready to put that knowledge to use for those accused of DWI charges.

With all of these benefits, it is clear that having expert legal representation to handle your DUI case is critical for ensuring the best possible outcome. A criminal defense lawyer is essential to reduce jail time, license restoration, or a complete dismissal of the DUI charges.

Let Our DUI Lawyers Help You through the Monroe Criminal Justice System

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI/DWI (drunk driving), it is important to have the right criminal defense attorney by your side to handle your legal issue. At Hanks, Ballard & Barth in Monroe, GA, our legal team is here to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case and develop a strategy for your defense. We understand the impact that a DUI conviction may have on your life, especially with the suspension of driving privileges. We will fight to avoid these ramifications.

When representing criminal defense clients, our legal team works diligently for the best outcome possible. We have over 60 years of combined experience in legal and law enforcement, and our team has over 50 years of courtroom and trial experience. You can count on us for an effective strategy and expert representation. And it all starts with a free consultation with one of our DUI/DWI attorneys after you fill out our contact form.

Our attorneys will listen to your account of the circumstances and determine how to proceed. We will then use our extensive knowledge of the criminal defense field to develop a strategy. This will include analyzing breathalyzer results for blood alcohol content, examining the police report, and much more.

At Hanks, Ballard & Barth, we are a well-rounded law firm serving Monroe, GA, because we represent clients in a wide variety of legal practice areas. These include criminal defense, family law, estate planning and probate, personal injury, divorce, corporate law, and general civil litigation. Whenever you have a legal issue in a practice area such as these, your first call should be to Monroe’s top legal firms, Hanks, Ballard & Barth.

Contact our Monroe DUI attorneys today to discuss your case. We know that being charged with a DUI/DWI can be scary and stressful. Our law firm is here to help guide you through the legal process and work on your behalf to relieve some of that stress. Call a DWI attorney now to determine how to proceed after being arrested for drunk driving in Monroe, GA.