How to Select a Criminal Defense Attorney Madison, GA

One of the worst experiences an individual can have in their life is to be arrested for and charged with a crime of any type. Whether it is a state or federal law (or both), it can have seriously negative effects on the life of the person charged and those who are closest to that individual.

When charged with a crime in Madison, GA, the person must contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend their rights and freedom. Defending clients is the primary objective for all criminal defense attorneys, but they also have to perform various other duties during that defense.

At Hanks, Ballard, & Barth, LLC, our skilled and experienced Madison, GA, criminal defense lawyers represent our clients aggressively to ensure the best possible outcome. With over 60 years of combined experience in legal and law enforcement, our clients can trust that their case will be handled effectively and efficiently.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Madison, GA, contact our criminal defense law team to discuss the case and determine the best course of action. We provide professional and personalized legal services for each Madison criminal defense client. Call now to schedule your consultation with our top criminal defense lawyers in Madison, GA.

What Do Madison, GA, Criminal Defense Lawyers Do for Their Clients?

While most people are well-aware that the main duty of a criminal defense attorney is to defend their client during a trial if the case gets to the trial phase. Many are not aware of the numerous activities that must be completed outside of the courtroom to work for a positive outcome.

In addition to the courtroom trial as well as the preparation for that trial, a criminal defense lawyer will also need to issue motions that could be helpful for your situation (possibly even getting the case dismissed), solve legal issues that may be related to the case, and gather evidence, expert witnesses, and other things that could benefit your case.

When an individual is facing any criminal charges in Madison, GA, it is highly recommended to hire a criminal defense attorney willing to defend their rights and freedom.

This is especially true in the case of federal charges because the United States Attorney’s office will prosecute you. This office will have plenty of time and resources to prosecute, so your criminal defense lawyer needs to be able to devote plenty of time to your legal representation.

Qualities to Look for in Madison, GA, Criminal Defense Attorneys

Individuals searching for criminal defense attorneys for themselves or their loved ones should know what qualities to look for in this attorney. Here are some of the best characteristics to look for when you need a Georgia attorney for your criminal case:

  • Experience in the practice area dealing with your particular type of case:

    • drug crimes

    • disorderly conduct

    • property crimes

    • white-collar crimes

    • drunk driving

    • domestic violence

    • sexual assault

    • computer crimes

    • violent crimes

    • murder

    • assault

    • burglaries

    • traffic violations

    • and others

    Without the right extensive experience and expertise in Wisconsin state law, your criminal law case may not be handled in a way that will get you the best possible outcome.

  • Affordable criminal defense: Every person in Madison, GA, and throughout the United States is entitled to great legal representation in criminal defense cases, but some cannot afford it. That is why it is important to find a professional practicing law within your budget.

  • Excellent communication: You must have a solid attorney-client relationship when it comes to you and your lawyer. That means that your lawyer keeps you informed of everything in your case, including whether or not you will be going to court in Madison, GA.

  • Good history: You must find an attorney who has the skills and knowledge from successfully defending clients throughout Madison, Wisconsin. Your freedom, your rights, and your un-tarnished reputation hinge on your criminal defense, so the attorney who represents clients and has successfully defended clients in the past should be on your list.

  • Member of the Georgia State Bar and other professional organizations: Attorneys who are members of these groups have shown their expertise and success rates in criminal cases. You do not want someone who has just practiced law for a while; you want super lawyers!

If you search for a great lawyer in Madison, GA, look no further than Hanks, Ballard, & Barth, LLC.

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At Hanks, Ballard, & Barth, LLC in Madison, GA, our legal team understands how challenging and frightening it can be to be charged with state or federal crimes. That is why our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the freedom and rights of our clients, in and out of court.

As your criminal defense lawyers in Madison, GA, we are committed to helping you work for the best possible outcome. From misdemeanor charges to felony charges in federal courts, we can provide you the criminal defense representation you need. Our clients get comprehensive legal services, and you will never wonder what stage your case is at.

Contact Hanks, Ballard, & Barth, LLC, in Madison, GA; if you or a loved one needs a criminal defense attorney due to state or federal criminal charges, contact Hanks, Ballard, & Barth, LLC. The experience and resources we bring to every case are rivaled only by the larger firms, and we put that expertise to good use for your case.

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